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Eyelash Lifting trainings are personalized trainings, training days and times are determined together with the student candidates who will be trained.

'Lash Lifting' in the name of the lashes to understand that means to remove and curl. It is a process done to make your natural natural eyelashes bend longer, become more fuller and to get vivid looks. Eyelash Lifting is a process in which the eyelashes are permanently curled for a long time by a special technique without using the curling technique applied to the eyelash. Result; Longer, fuller lashes and gorgeous folds. 'Eyelash Lifting' is an important alternative to the eyelashes, silk eyelashes, eyelashes, eyelash curls. Because, for your deep and impressive looks, we use only your own eyelashes instead of false eyelashes. Come and become an eyelash lifting expert! Hairdressers and beauty specialists who want to offer a new service in their salon can start to practice 'Eyelash Lifting' in their own halls with a half day training.

Eyelash Lifting Training Content

Our goal:

To learn hygienic and reliable 'KİRPİK LİFTING' application; to teach the application techniques to the customers. On this count, look up, beautify for 3 months; to ensure that the eyelashes look longer and fuller, just like the mascara ...

Educational program:

  1. Let's Know Your Lashes: Eyelash Anatomy, Survival Life of Kirpik, Eyelash Morphology
  2. Target Market Introduction: Various applications and presentation techniques in the market
  3. Getting to know our materials: Materials to be used (according to priority order)
  4. Getting to know our products: The content of the products, the way they are used, their function, hygiene and safety conditions
  5. Precautions for use: The precaution of sorting in the user manual and the materials to be used.
  6. Let's go over important points: Important information for our customers
  7. Sample Application: Application on model; sales and marketing support
  8. Shopping: Products and bulk shopping

The training of the eyelash lifting training which is one day in our institution is mainly applied and given as special education. Practice in this regard requires real expertise, craftsmanship, experience, practicality.

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